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There are many potential applications for this WAVY drifter! One possible application is the study of nearshore processes in beaches, with the added advantage of possibly involving citizens in the process. 


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Wavy Littoral: Cost-effective, sturdy, multi-purpose surface drifter

The WAVY Littoral is one of the surface drifters from the WAVY family designed specifically to collect marine data on coastal and nearshore zones with the purpose to cover current marine observation gaps. It allows the estimation of wave parameters including height, period, and direction. 


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Surface drifters...a bit of history

Surface drifters have been used for a long time to gather information about ocean motion. Since the drifters of the early days, a significant evolution has brought to today's high accuracy GPS-positioned, multi-sensor, real-time tracked drifters.


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WAVY Test Campaign on the River Corrib, Ireland

Our partner BlueWise Marine was in Galway city (Ireland) carrying out a WAVY TestCampaign with the assistance of the Marine Institute providing valuable information to validate hydrodynamic models of the bay!  The data collected is already available.


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WAVY Test Campaign in Praia do Carneiro, Portugal

On April 8th, our partner Instituto Hidrográfico carried out a WAVY Test Campaign on the north of the Portuguese coast, at Praia do Carneiro. Check out the WAVY trajectory in Praia do Carneiro, induced by the beach current!


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WAVY Test campaign in Lir National Ocean facility in Cork, Ireland

Our partner Smartbay Ireland carried out the first WAVY Test Campaign on the Irish coast. An operational experimentation campaign took place in the wide bay of Galway, Ireland, using a WAVY Littoral.


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MELOA Survey

Let us understand your needs in terms of in-situ technologies, so together we can extend and improve the current in situ ocean observing and monitoring systems.


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First Test Campaign on the Irish coast

Our partner Smartbay Ireland carried out the first WAVY Test Campaign on the Irish coast. An operational experimentation campaign took place in the wide bay of Galway, Ireland, using a WAVY Littoral.


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New test campaign takes place on the Spanish coast

MELOA team performed the 2nd WAVY test campaign on the Spanish coast! 20 WAVY drifters were successfully launched from OBSEA observatory, 4km offshore! It was the first campaign with such amount of drifters working at the same time.

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WAVY data is now available on NextGEOSS centralised European hub for Earth observation data

The coastal marine data collected during the WAVY Test Campaigns on the Portuguese and Spanish coast is now available in the NextGEOSS Catalogue!

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MELOA, RADAR-ON-RAIA, and MyCOAST collaborate to conduct an anti-pollution exercise

MELOA joint forces with RADAR-ON-RAIA and MyCOAST to conduct an exercise to combat marine pollution, by performing a test campaign with the products and equipment developed under the scope of these projects. 

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Matias Carandell was awarded at the IEEE Oceans Global Congress' student competition 

Matias Carandell, PhD researcher at our partner SARTI - UPC (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya-BarcelonaTech), has been distinguished with the second prize of the Student Poster Competition of the IEEE Oceans Global Congress, organized by the IEEE Oceanic Engineering and Marine Technology Society.

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Discover the WAVY Software Ecosystem

The WAVY Software Ecosystem enables users to configure the WAVY drifters according to their needs, manage the data collected, and create different data products & apps to be shared with the communities.

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KUKA robots used to test the WAVY Energy Harvester

KUKA robots have been used to support the designing and validation activities of the WAVY Energy Harvester, that is being developed by partner Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya-BarcelonaTech (UPC). Check out the video!

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