The WAVY drifters being developed in the scope of MELOA produce data with far-reaching applications, directly providing valuable information that will help to derive answers to scientific, environmental and societal needs covering a wide range of topics.

For this purpose, we created a complete WAVY Software Ecosystem to support the deployment of the WAVY drifters. 



Data acquisition & Campaigns Management 



Operations Software

The software enables the management, visualization and annotation of the georeferenced data collected by the WAVY drifters, in the context of scientific campaigns.


RT Data Streamer 

The RTDS is responsible for receiving the WAVY Drifters transmitted data, dealing with security and delivering data to the WAVY Operation Software or other consumer Apps.


L1 Processor 

Software that will decode, decompress and transform the messages from the WAVY drifters and transform the data into products and variables to be combined with the remaining software products.




Mobile app developed to support the users setting up the WAVY drifters before operations. Available in Play Store.

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Data Services & Interoperability 



Data Catalogue

MELOA Data Catalogue gathers the data and metadata collected by the WAVY drifters.



MELOA Geoportal offers an easy exploring and visualization tool for the WAVY drifters data products.




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Data Applications



Fundamentals Framework

Allows stakeholders to easily develop their own tailored apps. It feeds on multiple MELOA’s APIs to filter and present data in a clean way, in order to prevent over-fetching and consequently reduce data consumption.


Wavy Fundamentals  

Mobile app developed to support the participants of citizen science or dissemination campaigns. The app allows tracking the WAVY Drifters in real-time. Availabe in Play Store.


Wavy Recovery

Mobile app developed to guide operators in the process of recovering the WAVY Drifters, taking advantage of the accuracy of the sensors of the mobile device. Available in Play Store.




Citizen Awareness App

The Citizen Awereness App was designed to show (near) real time WAVY data collected during public campaings in a user friendly interface.


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