Data acquisition & Campaigns Management 



WAVY Operations Software (WOS)


Description: The WAVY Operation Software (WOS) is a Web Application that helps planning and monitoring the execution of a scientific campaign. The real-time data received from the WAVY drifters, through the Real-Time Data Streamer (RTDS) is crucial to provide relevant in-situ insight to campaign managers on how and where to measure next. Other features like dataset custom creation, annotation and visualization tools make the WOS a useful collaborative tool for both WAVY Operators and Data curators, allowing the publication of clean Datasets, in the Catalogue.



Supplier: INESC TEC



Real-Time Data Streamer (RTDS)


Description:  Real-Time Data Streamer is responsible for receiving the WAVY Drifters transmitted data, dealing with security and delivering data to the WAVY Operation Software or other consumer Apps.



Supplier: INESC TEC



L1 Data Processor


Description: The MELOA L1 Processor retrieves WAVY data from the WAVY Operations Software and also from ARGOS. It decodes and decompress the binary messages from ARGOS and processes the datasets from the WAVY Operation SW,  and transform the data into a higher-level product with variables available in scientific units, available as measurements and metadata files. These are created in CSV, JSON and O&M/SOS formats to make them available in the Data Catalogue.




Supplier: DME





Description:  The WavyHub Android Application has been developed to assist the user of WAVYs in an easy and fast way. The application enables:

  • Configuration of the WAVY before starting a campaign
  • Download mode which acquires the data collected by WAVY drifters
  • Option to send the downloaded data to a server (WOS)
  • Preview of the data obtained by WAVY




Supplier: ISR








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