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Our annual Newsletter will update you with the latest technology developments on the WAVY's family, and other project activities, such as test campaigns and workshops. To receive MELOA's annual Newsletter, please sign up here!


MELOA Newsletter / 1st Edition / January 2019

During 2018, MELOA completed the First Test Plan Review Meeting milestone of the project, participated in several international events and workshops, and organized a campaign in the Portuguese Coast. 


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MELOA Newsletter / 2nd Edition / January 2020

During 2019, MELOA organized several WAVY Test Campaigns in Portugal and Spain, in collaboration with different stakeholders from the marine community, to test the WAVY drifters and respective software systems.  In addition, the team launched the WavyHub and WAVY Fundamentals, which consist of mobile apps developed to support the deployment of the WAVY drifters.     


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MELOA Newsletter / 3rd Edition / January 2021

Despite the challenging year, the team carried out the work on the WAVY software ecosystem, which has been tested on several campaigns executed in the last quarter of 2020. The team also engaged in online events to create awareness and disseminate the results of the project.

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MELOA Newsletter / 4th Edition / February 2022

MELOA project is coming to an end by the end of February 2022. Throughout these 4 years of project, the MELOA team worked intensely to develop a family of WAVY drifters, from smaller drifters designed for beach and surf zone studies, to larger drifters tailored for coastal and long-term open ocean observations.                       

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