WAVY Drifters

MELOA offers a solution to extend and improve the current in situ ocean observing and monitoring systems, in the form of WAVY drifter’s devices. The low-cost, sturdy and multi-purpose surface drifters are a new generation of sustainable platforms, easy to embed in different types of marine observation systems.


Main attributes:

Small-sized, making the WAVY very easy-to-handle

 Optimized buoyancy, reducing the WAVY vulnerability to direct wind effect

 Minimized pendular motion, facilitating the WAVY position detection



The WAVY family:

The WAVY family range from small drifters suitable for beach and surf zone studies to somewhat larger drifters tailored for coastal and long-term open ocean observations.


WAVY Version             

Main Features                                                                                                                                                                                                 


WAVY Basic  

GNSS, GPRS, 1 thermistor

Available for  deployments

WAVY Littoral


Available for deployments

WAVY Ocean

GNSS, adjustable ballast module, 2 thermistors (near sea-surface temperatures), satellite communications, IMU, solar panels

Available for deployments

WAVY Ocean-plus

GNSS, adjustable ballast module, 2 thermistors (near-surface sea-temperatures), satellite communications, IMU,  solar panels and wave energy harvesting

Available for deployments

WAVY Ocean-Atmo

Equatorial floating (wind exposure), GNSS, adjustable ballast module,  4 thermistors (near-surface sea and air

temperatures), atmospheric pressure, satellite communications, IMU, solar panels and wave energy harvesting 

Under development 


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