Data applications  



Fundamentals Framework


Description: The Fundamentals Framework is based on a query language, GraphQL, and feeds on multiple MELOA’s APIs (e.g. WOS API, Catalogue) to filter and present data in a clean way, in order to prevent over-fetching and consequently decreasing data consumption. Other internal or external sources, like APIs and Databases, can be included in this framework. It will be distributed using software containers and will be a starting point for stakeholders to develop their own Apps. The next generation of mobile applications already uses the Fundamentals Framework.


Supplier: INESC TEC



WAVY Fundamentals


Description: The WAVY Fundamentals mobile app, available for Android and iOS, was developed to support the participants of citizen science or dissemination campaigns. This app allows the tracking of the WAVY Drifters in real-time and also allows loading the information of previous ones, then users can use the timing controller to navigate through time and visualize the evolution of the drifters' paths. Users can customize the app to their preference, like sound notifications, preferred language, base map layer source (Open Street Maps, Google or Bing) and network settings. The next version of the WAVY Fundamentals mobile app is under development, now using the Fundamentals Framework.


Supplier: INESC TEC





Wavy Recovery


Description: The WAVY Recovery mobile app, available for Android and iOS, takes advantage of the accuracy of the sensors of the mobile device, such as GPS and Accelerometer in Smartphones, to guide operators in the process of recovering the WAVY drifters. The operators can use the page Equipment to choose one or multiple WAVY Drifters that they wish to recover. Then, the user will be redirected to the map where the position of the WAVY Drifters can be visualized. After clicking on the top of the marker that represents the drifter, the direct path will be shown alongside with information about the WAVY serial number like distance in meters, distance in Nautical Miles and Azimuth. The marker that represents the user will point out the direction of the user’s movement using an arrow and also will present the accuracy radius of the device sensors.


Supplier: INESC TEC





Citizen Awareness App 


Description: Designed to show (near) real time WAVY data collected during public campaings in a user friendly interface.




Supplier: INESC TEC







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