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MELOA User Workshop, a project final event to present the WAVY drifters to the user community, was a great success thanks to all participants involved, and the Instituto Hidrográfico (IH) team who hosted the event online.

The workshop started with a welcoming session, by IH' Technical Director, and an introducing the project by MELOA' Project Manager. In the next session, the team took the oportunity to presented in detail the characteristics and functions of the family of WAVY drifters, namely the WAVY Basic, the WAVY Littoral and WAVY Ocean. The team also presented the MELOA Software Ecosystem, with practical examples on how the different software components and mobile applications can be used to deploy the data collected by the WAVY drifters. Finally, the partners presented different use cases for the WAVY drifters, which have been tested throughout the project, in the WAVY Test Campaigns that took place in Spain, Portugal and Ireland. This includes contributing to study safety at public beaches, citizen science, tracking oil spills, and many more. At the end the workshop, there was an active interaction with questions and feedback from the participants.

On behalf of the entire MELOA team, we would like to thank you for your contribution, participation and interest.

We don't stop here! If you are interested in the WAVY drifters, please contact us!



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