WAVY data is now available on NextGEOSS centralised European hub for Earth observation data




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The coastal marine data collected during the WAVY Test Campaigns on the Portuguese and Spanish coast is now available in the NextGEOSS Catalogue!


NextGEOSS Catalogue maintains a constantly growing data catalogue covering a wide range of Earth Observation data, and related services, from different thematic areas such as Marine, Agriculture, Biodiversity, and many more. The catalogue is based on CKAN, an open-source software. 


The high availability and quality standards followed in this centralised European hub for Earth observation data ensure that users always have access to the latest and complete set of data which are made available through MELOA catalogue, enabling cooperation to maximise the reach of the data collected by the WAVY drifters.


Find MELOA as a data provider at NextGEOSS Catalogue/ Data Providers /MELOA. To explore the data collected by the WAVY drifters please check MELOA Data Collections. You can also access the datasets through the OpenSearch interface, and other search methods such as keyword search (E.g. search by the keyword "wavy").


Stay tuned for more!

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