SheCanDo’s Karen Weekes will deploy a WAVY Ocean in the sub-equatorial North Atlantic



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Our partner BlueWise Marine is teaming with SheCanDo to perform a deployment of one WAVY Ocean drifter in the sub-equatorial North Atlantic this winter. SheCanDo’s Karen Weekes is planning to cross the Atlantic East to West rowing all the way from the Canaries to Barbados, and she will deploy one WAVY Ocean drifter soon after departure.

The WAVY Ocean is ideally suited for studies of ocean circulation and wave-current interaction. It can also contribute to studies of climate and air-sea interaction. It is relatively small (about the size of a football) and light (~2.3 kg), making deployments and operations extremely easy to perform.

Following deployment close to the Canaries, the drifter is expected to follow the general surface circulation in the southern North Atlantic, i.e., continue drifting to the SW along the African coast heading to the Cabo Verde archipelago, before slowly turning west towards Central America or Northeastern Brazil, carried by the North Equatorial Current. It could reach Barbados, but we’re sure Karen will get there long before it does! The track of the drifter can be followed in real-time using the MELOA Geoportal.


Source: BlueWise Marine and MELOA support #SheCanDo


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