La Palma campaign results are now available in the MELOA Catalogue and Geoportal





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From October 27th to 29th, WAVY Ocean drifters were launched close to the Cumbre Vieja lava delta in La Palma, Canary Islands (Spain), to collect ocean data contributing to studying the effects of the lava delta on sea temperature, coastal circulation and wave patterns.


The data collected during this campaign has been validated by the MELOA team, and the results are now available on the MELOA Catalogue and Geoportal. The WAVYs are still drifting and the data is updated periodically.


You can download the data directly from the MELOA Catalogue, a software platform that stores and catalogues the data coming from the WAVY drifters. You can also explore the data via the MELOA Geoportal, an online, map-based, data visualisation tool for the public data stored in the WAVY drifter's online Catalogue. 


In the MELOA Geoportal, you can filter the data you want to visualise by selecting relevant variables including surface temperature, namely the "Sea Surface Temperature", and several wave parameters, such as the “Significant Wave Height”.


Check out some of the features bellow:


1 (1).png

Description: Campaign overview with Sea Surface Temperature visualization and start and end of the trajectories.


2 (1).pngDescription: Detailed view next to the coast of Sea Surface Temperature


3 (1).pngDescription: Wave parameters data (Significant Wave Height)


4 (1).png

Description: Distance between the start and end position of the trajectory of a WAVY



We would like to invite you to explore the data collected and let us know your feedback! 


Catalogue      GEOPORTAL


For any further questions or recommendations please contact us.


The MELOA team is working on new features for the Geoportal such as time series and polar plots, time filtering and more. Stay tuned!



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