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The family of WAVY drifters that is being developed in the scope of MELOA project produce data with far-reaching applications. It provides valuable information that will help to derive answers to diverse scientific, environmental and societal needs. Such information enables to tackle multiple challenges, from complementing observational gaps in ocean observation, to delivering validation datasets to satellite ground-truthing.


For this purpose, MELOA provides a complete WAVY Software Ecosystem to support the deployment of the drifters. The users operating the WAVY drifters have access to the WAVY Operation Software so they can handle the data management and curation. The marine measurements collected by the drifters’ sensors are sent via GPRS, satellite communications (Argos), or Wi-Fi for the raw log files through the mobile application WavyHub. Then, users can generate data products in different formats and disseminate the results on the Data Catalogue and Geoportal.

In addition, MELOA provides frameworks for software developers interested in building community-tailored apps, such as the WAVY Fundamentals app and the WAVY Recovery app.


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