MELOA Milestones


MELOA's 2nd Advisory Board meeting took place on the 23rd of May, in Vilanova I la Geltrú (Spain), at UPC campus. The Advisory Board followed with great interest all presentations and discussions that took place at Vilanova and provided a set of recommendations on the WAVY’s technology evolution, and how the WAVY family of drifters addresses common challenges. Read more at MELOA 2nd Advisory Board Meeting.


MELOA 2nd Advisory Board Meeting                                                                                     MELOA 2nd Test Plan Review


MELOA successfully completed the 2nd Test Plan Review Meeting in November 2019, where the prototypes of the WAVY Ocean, including the technical specifications of this drifter, as well as the validation of the results, obtained so far. Read more at Test Plan Review Meeting in Porto



MELOA Newsletter / 2nd Edition / January 2020

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