MELOA 2nd Advisory Board Meeting




MELOA's 2nd Advisory Board meeting took place last 23rd of May, in Vilanova I la Geltrú (Spain), at UPC campus.  The purpose of the meeting was to enable the MELOA consortium to present the project status, to promote discussion and to collect feedback from the Advisory Board.

The MELOA team started by presenting the current project status including updates on both WAVY hardware and software. Accordingly, the team provided a summary of the WAVY’s technology evolution from the original version of the drifters over the last year. The team emphasized what makes the WAVY concept unique among the current marine observation solutions available and how the WAVY family of drifters addresses common challenges. Furthermore, the WAVYs limitations, and how they can be mitigated in the future, were also discussed. A presentation on the most recent WAVY Software development, including a demo of the WAVY Software Operation system with data collected in WAVY Test Campaigns, was given.


Finally, the team presented the results of the most recent WAVY Littoral Test Campaigns on the Portuguese coast, at Guincho Beach and Seixal Bay. The team took the opportunity to promote the upcoming campaigns that will take place in Ireland, and how they are linked to the WAVYs use cases and respective scientific goals.


The Advisory Board followed with great interest all presentations and discussions that took place at Vilanova, and their members will provide a set of recommendations that will be consolidated in the second Advisory Board Recommendations Report.



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