What makes the WAVYs perfect surface drifters for Citizen Science?


Artur Rocha, INESCTEC (Portugal)



Every day, citizens become more aware of progress in diverse domains of science, demonstrating interest not only in following, but also in engaging science events. Even if oceans and watercourses prove to be challenging environments for such activities, the interest upholds.

MELOA is working to deliver a range of surface drifters that can help to attain this goal. From devices to be used near shore such as the WAVY Littoral, to more sophisticated devices destined to open waters such as the WAVY Ocean, they all come equipped with a diverse set of sensors and serve the purpose of monitoring and better understanding the aquatic environment.

Complementing the surface drifters, a suite of software applications will aid citizens and scientists in the pursuit of their scientific goals.

The WAVY Operation Software (WOS) helps to plan and monitor the execution of scientific campaigns. It can receive real-time data from the WAVY drifters, providing relevant in-situ insight to the campaign managers on how and where to measure next.

The WAVY Hub is a mobile application that can also be used prior to or during a campaign to reprogram the WAVY drifters. It also facilitates manual data log extraction, particularly useful when connectivity is limited or inexistent.

When data is acquired, WOS can be used to annotate, curate and further publish datasets in order to reach an even broader community. When published, curated datasets and derived data will be publicly available from the MELOA Catalogue or through the MELOA Geoportal.

To leverage the establishment of advanced services or thematic user communities, MELOA partners will also make available the MELOA Fundamentals, a framework for software developers, facilitating the construction of community-tailored Apps.


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