Wavy Updates


MELOA is currently developing the prototype of the first out of the 5 lines of surface drifters, the WAVY Littoral. The WAVY Littoral was designed to collect wave and Lagrangian current measurements in nearshore areas, identify rip currents and other ocean data to support safety in public beaches, provide data for citizen’s science, and complement littoral and nearshore studies.


WAVY Version 

Main Features                                                             

Use Cases                                                                                                                                                                                                    

WAVY Littoral                  

GNSS, GPRS, adjustable ballast module, detachable SIM card, IMU (MEMS)

Wave and Lagrangian current measurements in nearshore areas; Safety in public beaches; Citizen’s science; Littoral and nearshore studies.


The data collected by the WAVYs will be later available in MELOA Data Catalogue. The first prototype of the data catalogue can be found at catalogue.ec-meloa.eu. The aim is to allow the development of products and services to showcase the usefulness of the WAVY data, which will be available in MELOA Geoportal, at geoportal.ec-meloa.eu/catalogue.



The WAVY Operation Software is also already prepared and ready to be deployed. The WAVY Operation Software enables the management, visualization and annotation of the georeferenced data collected by the WAVYs, in the context of scientific campaigns. It also handles the planning and management of these campaigns, associated data, and assists users in the publishing of curated data sets and other derived data to external catalogues.




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