WAVY Littoral Campaign in collaboration with SAGA Project


On the 9th July, the WAVY Littoral was used to validate a model for a Port Management Support System, in the scope of the Portuguese project SAGA (Sistema de Apoio à Gestão Portuária). The campaign took place in Portimão Port (Portugal).


The main goal of the campaign was to collect current and wave data to validate the SAGA simulation model for the Portimão harbour. The operational validation campaign was part of the implementation of SAGA, and required the use of 18 WAVY Littoral. The WAVYs were launched throughout the day, to ensure the collection of data during the ebb and the flood. 


The campaign was carried out by our partner Instituto Hidrográfico (IH), who was responsible for supporting SAGA in the data collection. To deploy and recover the surface drifters, Portimão Port authority provided Rigid-hulled inflatable boats (RHIB) to MELOA team. 


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