MELOA Milestones


Running from December 2017 to February 2021, MELOA has 11 project milestones planned. After the kick off meeting in December 2017, MELOA’s first Advisory Board Meeting took place in May 2018, in Dublin (Ireland). During the meeting, further use cases for the WAVY family of products were identified, and several recommendations were provided for the future of MELOA project and the WAVYs.

You can find more information in the newsroom section: MELOA Kick Off MeetingMELOA 1st Advisory Board Meeting


MELOA 1st Advisory Board Meeting                                                                                      MELOA 1st Advisory Board Meeting


MELOA successfully completed the First Test Plan Review Meeting milestone in November 2018, where we have gathered the conditions to develop the first operative WAVY prototype.


Once the tests of the prototype are approved, the production and manufacturing of the WAVY Littorals are expected to begin in 2019.




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