MELOA Engagement Activities


In 2018, MELOA Consortium attended 10 international conferences and workshops, to engage with communities within ocean observing and monitoring systems. These included well-known events across Europe, such as Oceanology International, 4th Geo Blue Planet Symposium and EOOS Conference 2018.



Instituto Hidrográgico and Deimos Engenharia, at GEO Blue Planet 4                             Smartbay Ireland, at EOOS Conference 2018


MELOA consortium had the opportunity to present posters, roll-ups, videos, and project’ pitches to different stakeholders in the marine community, including scientists, developers, entrepreneurs and citizens. Such initiatives allowed the involvement of the community and collection of meaningful feedback about the project.


Check the list of events attended, during 2018:







Oceanology International

London, UK            

13/03 - 15/03

Blue Tech Economy

Lisbon, Portugal



Lisbon, Portugal



4th Geo Blue Planet

Toulouse, France

04/07 - 06/07

EuroGEOSS Workshop

Geneve, Switzerland

12/09 - 14/09

CFSAT Pre-Launch Workshop

Brest, France

08/10 - 09/10

Doppler Oceanography from Space

Brest, France

10/10 - 12/10

GEO Week

Kyoto, Japan

29/10 - 02/11

EOOS 2018

Brussels, Belgium

21/11 - 23/11


Porto, Portugal

10/12 - 11/12




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