Inter-Project Links

MELOA aims to promote a continuously cooperation and integration of efforts among other projects and initiatives contributing to ocean observing and monitoring activities, at an international level.

Currently, MELOA foresees 8 inter-project links opportunities to be considered for collaborations and fostering of synergies in different intervention areas. Of these, contacts have been established with the following projects:



MARINA deals with Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) in EU-funded marine projects. Good opportunity to learn about RRI, and how MELOA can contribute to activities related to this type of initiaves.


Explorers Education Programme 

The Explorers Education Programme is an Irish initiative that promotes educational activities in schools related to the ocean, such as class visits, marine projects in class, among others. MELOA can organize a WAVY Test Campaing in the scope of the Explorers Education Programme. 


Celebrations of the Vth Centennial of the Voyage of Fernão de Magalhães 

The Celebrations of the Vth Centennial of the Voyage of Fernão de Magalhães aims to honor the Portuguese navigator Fernão de Magalhães. MELOA can participate in the celebrations, by placing WAVYs througout the path Magalhães did 500 years ago.

Stay tuned for more!
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