Updated user interfaces and a new mobile app


During 2021, the MELOA Geoportal and Data Catalogue user interfaces have been updated to present a more user friendly interface, and offer new features to easily explore the data products available. 



MELOA Geoportal, La Palma Campaign Overview with Sea Surface Temperature visualization, and start/end of the trajectories



In addition, the MELOA team launched the WAVY Citizen App, designed to show (near) real time WAVY data collected during public campaigns in a user-friendly interface.


MELOA Citizen Science App, La Palma Campaign (near) real time data




The WAVY Software Ecosystem is now offering a robust set of software components and mobile applications that enable users to configure and update the WAVY drifters, plan and manage the deployments, visualise and combine WAVY data with other sources, promote citizen participation through mobile apps, and much more! Find out more at WAVY Software Ecosystem.




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